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We have been re enamelling baths for our many satisfied customers for over 30 years. We can transform an old worn bath that is rough to the touch, hard to clean, has lime-scale, stains and a dirty tide mark into a bright, sparking, shiny new looking bath that is smooth and easy to clean with our specialist bath resurfacing techniques.

We don’t need to take out the bath to do this. We don’t even need to remove or loosen the taps, the overflow or the waste. We get the job done in a day and the bath is fully usable the next. you can be confident that our bath resurfacing service is of the very highest standards, not only in re enamelling your bath, but also in keeping your home clean and tidy while we do it.

The Bath Glaze process:

  • We will visit you in your home and carefully inspect your bath.
  • A thorough chemical clean is then performed to remove any soap deposits or other residue.
  • We believe in keeping your space tidy, so dust sheets are placed around the bathroom and we fully mask up to protect the surrounding area.
  • We then grind down any scale build up or faulty enamel.
  • We will treat any rust, scratches, or chips.
  • Our unique bonding agent, which fuses with the new surface, is then applied.
  • Next, we spray the new surfaces with a specialised heated spray gun, which is designed for indoor use
  • Your bath now needs to sit while the enamel cures.
  • After about an hour and a half,the bath is cured enough to do the final hand finish then we remove all masking and protection.
  • Your sparkling new re enamelled bath is now ready to use after only 24 hours!
  • Colour matching is available, and we offer free estimates. We are happy to undertake both commercial and domestic work, and have extensive experience in the commercial sector.

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